Hometown Friend


Michelangelo’s Narcissus (Ancient Cities [CC / Flickr])

A lot has happened since we last met. Been a lot on my plate. I’ve gone whole days without so much as looking at Netflix while you were away in…where was it?

What was I saying? Oh yes, been ducking and diving. Swiping and matching. Even had a date last month. Once. OK, maybe more swiping than matching, but it all takes time. Time and effort. Swiping and matching gets exhausting. Not something you’d have had to deal with while you were doing…what was it?

Don’t get the idea that I’ve been spending all my time on Tinder. Got some work at my uncle’s firm. That was three mad days. Hardly a moment to myself. Worth every moment because it taught me I’m not cut out to work as an intern. In fact, I found out that office work isn’t for me at all. I guess you never had to worry about anything as mundane as paper jams in the photocopier while you were doing your stint with…who was it?

That internship made me sort my life out. Made me decide what I want: I’m gonna be an actor! It’s really exciting. Got myself an equity card already. I’ve been sending headshots round all the agencies. Twenty last week alone. Doing that was every bit as tough as the internship but, you know, gotta speculate to accumulate. Or something. Haven’t heard back yet, but I’m sure they’ll get round to it soon.

So yeah, a lot’s happened since you took off for that, that, the hospital…I mean the place with the kids…no, it was…don’t tell me, the refugee camp. See, I’ve been keeping up with you. You’d be a much better friend if you did the same with me.

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