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The Portrait Game

If Lady Alexandra had sat for a portrait before, she might not have fallen for it. When the portraitist had offered to cut her price in half if she would allow his student, Mr Bridger, to paint her in place

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Conflict Resolution with Tea

The sound of the television hit Janice as soon as she opened the front door. Nothing unusual about that. Nor was it unusual to find Ron and Quintin on opposite ends of the sofa, staring at the screen. What was

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The Cat and the Crosshairs

The sniper in khaki swung his rifle toward the movement, his finger caressing the trigger. He’d seen a human form vanish into the wreckage of a house before he’d been able to make out any detail. He watched the house

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Alliteration at the Bus Stop

Keith skidded to a halt in the bus stop before too many raindrops had spattered his suit. “Morning,” said Janet. As usual, she was the only other person there at quarter past eight in the morning. Keith was too out

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The Man in the Uniform

The man in the uniform was tired. He’d started his shift with the words, “may I see your papers, please”, and been repeating the sentiment ever since. After two hours, it had become, “show me your papers”. Now he grunted,

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Non-fiction Review: Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Like most people with an interest in the future, I tend to drop the William Gibson quote from time to time: The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed. It felt like the central thesis of

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Do You Remember the Bluebells?

This month, our favourite place is full of flowers. Yes, that’s right, they’re dandelions. Clever girl. Do you remember last year, when there were bluebells as well? No? Well, a year’s a longer time for you than for me. Long

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Prime Minister Johnson

“I have the briefing on the North Korea situation here, Prime Minister,” said Janet to the back of his head. The Prime Minister didn’t look around. “Not now, Beth. Can’t you see I’m having my hair done?” “Yes, Prime Minister,

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Jack Under the Table

A man walked into the room, closed the green door and pressed his back to it. His eyes darted to the window on the wall to his left, then to the window on the other side of the room, then

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Arctic Adagio is on NetGalley

My recently published novelette is on NetGalley all month, available to download for anyone who would like to review it. If that’s you, just click, register and download. I’ll appreciate any or all honest reviews. Much as I’d like you

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