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Recommended blog: Nerine Dorman on dealbreakers in the slush

Nerine Dorman is a professional editor who has spent a fair amount of time wading through slushpiles, so when she says filtering is a dealbreaker for her, I pay attention. I can’t reblog directly, so click the link above for

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Emmanuel Akinwotu on Hawa Jande Golakai

Hawa Jande Golakai is in the news again, this time with as the subject of an article in The Guardian. I’ve mentioned her here before and I’ll mention her again because she’s an author worth repeating. She’s talking about her

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12 Things I Noticed While Reading Every Short Story Published in 2014-15 by Kelly Luce

‘It’s hard to write a compelling, original piece of fiction based on a real experience of doing drugs with your friends’, says Kelly Luce. As an editorial assistant for the O. Henry Prize, she read every piece of fiction in

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Group Dynamics

Originally posted on Scribbling In The Storage Room:
I am a firm believer in critique groups. Critique buddies lend encouragement, keep you accountable to a writing schedule and see flaws in your work that you can’t. Nevertheless, group dynamics can…

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That One Story by Vanessa Fogg

‘Every writer has That One Story,’ says Vanessa Fogg. Me too, I thought. The difference is that she’s brave enough to be honest about what happened next. I’d recommend her post to anyone who has ever felt a rejection as

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Fugee by Hawa Jande Golakai

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you’ll know how I love to pontificate. Yesterday, I found a short memoir so powerful that all I have to say about it are two words: read it. It opens:

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Monday Motivation: Doubt is a writer’s best friend

Originally posted on Allaboutwriting:
Doubt sits at the right hand of all writers. We spend a day at work, struggling with the challenge of translating our ideas into words on the page; struggling, too, with the perhaps more difficult task…

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Recommended Article: Ursula K Le Guin navigates the ocean of story

Ursula K Le Guin recently compiled various peoples’ thoughts on criticism and critiquing at the Book View Cafe. I’ll put the link here as it’s not a platform I can reblog directly. The main thing that comes out of it

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4 Ways to Plan Your Writing

Originally posted on WordDreams…:
Few people can sit down and start writing. Most of us hem and haw as we mentally walk through how to get from introduction to conclusion. It’s called ‘prewriting’ and everyone does it. What differs is the…

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Article on Dynamic Description

Mary Jaksch has some interesting things to say on the art of dynamic description, which is well worth a look for any aspiring fiction writer. WordPress won’t let me reblog it, but it’s on her Write to Done blog.

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