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Coldwater Cottage – 1: The Surface

Welcome to the promised new serialisation from the Eclectics, which will post at the same time every Monday for the next few weeks. I have fond memories of outlining Coldwater Cottage in a bar in Dahab, in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula,

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The Scent of Sea and Nectar

It came back to me last week, when I was wheeling my chair between crocuses and daffodils. They’re hardly unusual flowers. They come out every spring. This spring, I happened to be visiting our grandchildren and I could hear waves

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Under the Hooked Cross – 1: Countdown

Here’s a new series from the Eclectics: an old story of mine, Under the Hooked Cross sliced into 17 instalments, to be served up every Monday evening. If you can’t wait for the next one, the links to the full

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Monday Motivation: Sebastian Faulks on all the reasons not to write

Originally posted on Allaboutwriting:
I came across an amusing article in The Guardian by Sebastian Faulks, author of, among many other things, one of my favourite novels, Birdsong (which, by the by, contains one of the best sex scenes I’ve…

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Jack Liberty’s Son

A long publication drought has recently broken when Jack Liberty’s Son was published in Space and Time 125. Now I feel like an author again as well as a writer! Many thanks to the editor, Hildy Silverman, for taking on Jack’s

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Voice of experience: 5 things that established authors would tell new writers

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
A few weeks ago, a bunch of authors gathered for Books Are My Bag day at Barton’s bookshop in Leatherhead, Surrey. Inevitably, some customers asked for advice on writing and publishing. These were the…

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You won’t believe why scientists like this post

Originally posted on Matthew Wright:
The latest wave of internet click-bait intrigues  me. Apparently there are things ‘scientists’ hate because they can’t explain them. You won’t believe that scientists took this photo! Yeah, sure it was by robot – but…

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Greater Minds: Ray Kurzweil predicts the hybridisation of intelligence

Ray Kurzweil predicts artificial intelligence will augment human intelligence, leading to hybrid thinking. He anticipates exponential advances in brain science and artificial intelligence. My short story, Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo, looked further into the future when the human mind

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Space missions – updates

Originally posted on The Earthian Hivemind:
2015 is an amazing year for space missions (not that 2014 has been a bad one) – plenty of them under way and expectations are high for the results they are going to deliver. New…

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The Salesman’s Umbrella

“I’m just on my way,” I said. “On the bus. With you in no time.” No I wasn’t, I was striding the hotel lobby with my phone in one hand and a slice of toast in the other, hoping I

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