London writers’ group

Are you anywhere near North London, and interested in meeting other writers?

Along with Olga Gridina, I co-host Chalk Scribblers, a writers’ group in Kentish Town. We’re as eclectic a bunch as you’d expect to find throwing words at paper or screens, and currently include people writing novels, short stories and screenplays. Our experience level varies from published novelists to complete beginners.

Feel free to drop in if you’re looking for a writers’ group, or if you’re visiting London and would like to meet some kindred spirits.

We’re under the umbrella of Write Together, in which writers gather in various cafés around London and simply write. We’ve extended the original format by exchanging critiques after the writing session.

We meet at the Natural Coffee Lounge in Kentish Town (NW1 9QB) from 10am-midday every Saturday morning. Then we move a few doors up Kentish Town Road to the Bull & Gate (NW5 2TJ) for the critiquing session and social.

We’re a few minutes’ walk from Kentish Town station on the Northern Line and Thameslink, or from Kentish Town West Overground station.

There are more details on both groups on group’s Facebook page and on the Meetup website, which generates a new page for each meeting. Search Meetup for Chalk Scribblers to find the page for the next meetup, or email me through the contact form on this website. You are welcome to just turn up but we’d appreciate it if you could drop me a line through this site so we don’t miss each other.


7 comments on “London writers’ group
  1. cmsaunders says:

    Interested! I’m in East Finchley.

  2. Hi. Do you guys still do this?

    • DJ Cockburn says:

      We’re still meeting every Saturday. Here’s the Facebook page for the next meeting: Will you be joining us?


      • Thanks. What do you guys do for the first 2 hours? & the subsequent 2 hours are spent critiquing passages from work by people in the group? Or published authors?

        • DJ Cockburn says:

          We spend the first couple of hours just writing in Costa, then we go to the pub at midday for the critique session and social. If no one has asked for a critique, we often have a discussion on a topic that someone wants to explore or we discuss a classic story. It’s also a time to compare the inspirations and frustrations that only make sense to other writers. When we’re talked out, we go for lunch.

          If the writing session doesn’t appeal to you, you’re welcome to join us in the Sir Richard Steele pub when we get there at around 12:15.


  3. James Dalby says:

    Just to let you know – see website

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