Author notes: Another Man’s Picture Frames

Dark City volume 4 issue 1What describes a character other than the person of the character themselves?

It’s the sort of question that I often start my Saturday hooptedoodles with. The first answer that sprang to mind was the character’s home. Walk around the home of anyone who lives alone and you’ll see them all around you even if they’re not in. Walk around a shared home and you’ll see the relationship dynamics of the people who live in it, though that’s a story for another day.

To make the idea work, I needed someone who was learning about the character through their home. They couldn’t be there as a guest, who might know my character in person or might turn up at a house party with a dozen other guests trampling all over the clues to themselves that my character had inadvertently surrounded himself with. The answer was to find someone who had no good reason at all to be in the home: a burglar.

A man who would explore another man’s life in the narrow arc of a torch beam, and would interpret it by what he saw in the frames of his pictures.

There’s no preview as it was only a flash piece.

Published in Dark City Magazine volume 4, issue 1, available on Amazon

Dark City Magazine volume 4 issue 1 on Goodreads

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