Author notes: Diminuendo in Three Letters

Constellatory Tales Issue 3We’ve all heard of déjà vu, and most of us have experienced that strange feeling that something happening right now has happened before. The opposite is the less well-known phenomenon of jamais vu: the conviction that something that we’re experiencing something familiar for the first time – although most of us have experienced that at some point as well.

Building a brief story around a concept like that is how I come up with a lot of my hooptedoodles but once I’d got a first draft of this one down, I thought I’d try and place it where it might get a few more readers than this dusty corner of the internet. To my lasting gratitude, Brian Hirt at Constellatory Tales took a liking to it and gave it a home in the world.

As I was writing that first draft, I realised I was partly drawing from a short story I read years ago and only partially remembered. I tried to Google it but couldn’t find it, although that might be because I couldn’t remember enough about it to search properly. I think it had something about shattered diamonds in the title and was published in the long defunct HMS Beagle but appropriately enough when discussing stories about the vagaries of memory, I’m not sure I’m remembering it right. If anyone can remember better than me, please let me know!

The full text of the story is published in

Constellatory Tales Issue 3.

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