Author notes: Foreclosure

cover150This story was my re-entry into writing after a hiatus for health reasons, which might be why it had a more straightforward starting point than many that I’ve written. As the title implies, it’s very much rooted in the recession of the last few years in which so many people have discovered they are not as financially secure as they thought. We’ve seen banks taking the roofs from over peoples’ heads as a result, even though the banks were involved in the decisions that led people to buy homes they later found they could not afford. While the decisions were shared between the bank and their clients, the consequences were not. The clients lost their homes while the banks were bailed out by our governments.

The joy of science fiction is the opportunity to push ideas, so I found myself wondering what else the banks could take to cover themselves. How far are we from the day when the banks will demand our first born children as security for a loan?


Foreclosure was published in Apex #73. Full text is available on the Apex website.


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