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cover150Foreclosure: The Bank of Friends has sent Colin into the drowned remains of London to collect what collateral he can on a defaulted home loan. Colin may be an expert at smallprint, but is he looking at the right form?

Published in Apex #73.

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00009]Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo: Ray Marken seeks immortality in Afterlife Inc’s posthuman paradise, but is there more to him than his interviewer can fathom?

Originally published in Qualia Nous, which is still available. Republished in Digital Fiction’s Quickfic Anthology 2, which is available on Kindle.

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QuickFicCoverQuickfic Anthology 2 on Goodreads, including links to retailers.

Qualia Nous on Goodreads, including links to retailers.

24augustangel_origMars One: Kirsten is trapped in a reality TV tin can on the way to Mars and worse, Yegor just stole her toast

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coverCaresway: It’s the pill that cures depression. More than that, it can make you a success in business. But would you take the quick route to the CEO’s chair if the price was becoming a psychopath?

Published in hardcopy and Kindle editions by Annorlunda Enterprises.

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flight-of-the-silkworm-001Flight of the Silkworm: Persia is a centurion of the Silken, the most feared soldiers on Terraform Dee. As her days of flying beneath a silk sail are ended by injury, she is sent to spy on a possible enemy of the Silken where she finds both danger and opportunity.

Published as a Kindle novella by Solstice.

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BYear's Best Science Fictioneside the Dammed River: In a region of Thailand parched by upstream dams, a truck breaks down and brings Narong face to face with the wealthier end of the world.

Winner of the 2014 James White Award. First published in Interzone 253 and reprinted in the Year’s Best Science Fiction of 2014 which is available from Amazon US, UK, Canada and all other national sites..

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Interzone 253 on Goodreads, including links to retailers.

Year’s Best Science Fiction on Goodreads, including links to retailers.

CoverJack Liberty’s Son: Jack Liberty’s job is to steal corpses from the gallows and take them to surgeon-anatomist Guillaume Sempre. In return for his loyalty, Sempre has taken on Jack’s son as an apprentice. But what are they really doing with all those dead bodies?

Published in Space and Time #125, and available as a hardcopy or ebook.

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MandaCoverSpookmoth: As the new nation of Pacifica secedes from a drought-ridden USA, Carl McTeague is spying on the negotiations with cyborg insects. But who is the mysterious woman who managed to knock over his drink when she had the whole hotel garden to herself?

First published in Wicked Words Quarterly #1, which is no longer available. Spookmoth is available as a standalone ebook on Kindle, available from:


Spookmoth Kindle edition on Goodreads

Wicked Words 1 on Goodreads

Kindle edition cover design by Manda Benson, incorpoating images by Andrewcollins123 and MOD.


Under the Hooked Cross: The new biologist in the Nazi German space station is not what he seems, but low earth orbit is not the best place for a crisis of conscience.

Originally published by Lillibridge Press. Kindle edition available from Amazon:



Cover design by Manda Benson

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