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It was just after my screen went blue that James said, “that’s interesting”. For James, it counted as garrulous, which should have focused my attention. As I was focused on pressing the power button and hoping it would reboot my

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Greater Minds: Ray Kurzweil predicts the hybridisation of intelligence

Ray Kurzweil predicts artificial intelligence will augment human intelligence, leading to hybrid thinking. He anticipates exponential advances in brain science and artificial intelligence. My short story, Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo, looked further into the future when the human mind

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Inspirations: The terminator’s coming for my job

As robots become more capable, they replace humans in the labour force. In spite of their limitations, they will take over many skilled jobs in the coming decades. Unless they generate more jobs, they will lead to mass unemployment. Employment

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Greater Minds: Arthur C Clarke looks back

Arthur C Clarke wrote his Space Odyssey series between 1948 and 1997. Each sequel updated speculations on exobiology. HAL 9000 is a memorable character and a paradigm for contemporary discussions of artificial intelligence. We have not explored the solar system

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Inspirations: Artificial Intelligence

AI has reached the point where it has an impact on society. It may be impossible for a machine to emulate human intelligence, but they can do things that humans can’t. A poorly designed AI that can redesign or replicate

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