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The Caresaway Kindle Countdown

Caresaway is on a Kindle countdown for the next couple of days so grab it if you’d like to read a novelette about what happens when a psychopath reaches a position of great power. I promise you that it’s fiction

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Caresaway is being given away

Caresaway is a novelette about a man who recovers from depression by becoming a psychopath. Psychopaths never do anything that doesn’t benefit themselves so it’s fortunate that Melanie Nelson of Annorlunda is not a psychopath. In fact, she’s so far

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Caresaway is Here

Caresaway will cure your depression. Caresaway will make you successful beyond your wildest dreams. Caresaway will make you into a psychopath. And more to the point, Caresaway is now published in hardcopy and Kindle editions. If you’d like to know

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Caresaway is coming: advance readers requested

Would you take a pill that made you a success? Would you still take it if it made you a psychopath? Those are the questions that Edward Crofte will wrestle with when Caresaway is published as a standalone novelette on

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