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Greater Minds: How Isaac Asimov designed a brainstorm

Isaac Asimov described a process for generating original ideas for his friend, Arthur Obermayer. An idea generator must understand their field, make connections and be resistant to criticism. He suggested ideas would come from small groups in which some foolishness

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Creativity and mental illness

A recent study found that creative people have more genetic markers for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder than everyone else. The media overstated the findings, which only show very weak associations. There is no association between depression and creativity. There is

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Greater Minds: Amy Tan asks where does creativity hide?

How does an idea come into existence? Does creativity spring from an inability to repress associations? Can we glean ideas from a constant flow of information? We simultaneously hate and are fascinated by moral ambiguity. Amy Tan’s first novel, The

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Talent and Craft

Talent comes naturally, craft needs to be learned. All writers have some talent but very few have enough to manage without craft. Critiquing helps to identify the gaps in our talent. Develop craft by writing stories that emphasise areas where

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Greater Minds: Elizabeth Gilbert on the Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert is best known for Eat Pray Love  which, I’ll admit, I haven’t read. Successful as it is, it just doesn’t look like my kind of book and there’s more of my kind of books around than I’ll ever

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