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Fiction Review: You Beneath Your Skin by Damyanti Biswas

If nobody who has influence thinks it’s worth using it for you, what’s to stop them using you? The answer, it appears when the New Delhi police find the body of a raped and mutilated woman, is nothing at all.

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Arctic Adagio is on NetGalley

My recently published novelette is on NetGalley all month, available to download for anyone who would like to review it. If that’s you, just click, register and download. I’ll appreciate any or all honest reviews. Much as I’d like you

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Arctic Adagio sets sail

How do you catch a murderer when your suspects own the law? Superintendent Rex Harme’s job is to protect the super-rich from pirates and anarchists. It’s not his job to investigate them. If they cared to be investigated, they wouldn’t

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Another Man’s Picture Frames

A slight break from normality in this week’s Hooptedoodle: Steve Oliver at The Dark City Mystery Magazine has been kind enough to publish Another Man’s Picture Frames where it enjoys the company of four other noirish tales in volume 4

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A Gun at a Knife Fight

Ryan was just beginning to appreciate his second beer when Jared said, “I got something to show you,” pulled a gun from under his jacket and held it under the table. “Look at it. Just look at it.” “Jesus!” Ryan

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The Listening Spider

Tuesday evening was when Sharon killed her husband. Wednesday evening was when she found herself talking to a spider for the first time. “The one has nothing to do with the other,” she told the spider, which was skulking under

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Little Baz Asks Nicely

I was coming out of Aldi when the boy punched me in the face. It wasn’t much of a punch. I didn’t even drop my three microwave chicken tikka masalas and two pints of milk. “What d’you do that for?”

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A Shilling for a Copper

Graham was supposed to walk beside Bill, but somehow he was always half a pace behind. A brand new copper was ranked far behind a constable with twelve years on the job in his actions, so it felt right even

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Cold Freedom

You want to know why I was waving a knife around in that shop? It’s a fair question, constable, so I’ll give you a fair answer. It was because there wouldn’t be no kids in a booze shop. They might’ve

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Nose for a Wrong ‘Un

Seeing is believing. I’ll not let you or anyone else tell me otherwise. I knew he was a wrong ‘un the moment he came into the shop, which is why I had my beady eye on him in the first

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