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The Cheltenham Gambit

Carrie hated conferences. She could just about cope with dozing through presentations, but she dreaded the evening socials. Looking cheerful while surrounded by strangers had never been in her job description. She could stand in a corner with a glass

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Non-fiction Review: The Snowden Files by Luke Harding

This book should be subtitled The Paranoia Manual. But is it paranoia if they really are listening to every word? As you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t reasonably familiar with the internet superstate, you’ll already have heard of

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Inspirations: Click ‘Like’ to Enter the Digital Panopticon

All of our internet activity is monitored by state surveillance agencies. The monitoring violates our privacy and compromises the security of our personal information. We expect the state to protect us from criminals and terrorists. Can we realistically expect both

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