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“She’s a beauty.” I pointed at the tug. “She’s filthy,” said Elizabeth. “She’s all black. She looks as if she’s wearing a gown of her own smoke.” My sister was two years older than me and when she didn’t have

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Greenland Shark

A peristaltic spasm threw her from a cold place to a colder place. The change in the cold registered less than the disappearance of the electrical impulses around her snout. She had no name for what she was detecting or

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Red Snow

“What was that?” asked the pilot. “Just turbulence,” said the co-pilot.  “She’s fine.” The pilot heard a voice over the intercom, but the words were indistinct. “Was that you, Dusty?” “Sorry, nothing,” said the navigator.  “Coming up on the coast

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Greater Minds: Niall Ferguson and Jane Smiley fight over history

Two historians and a novelist argued about the roles of historian and historical novelist. Niall Ferguson argued that a novelist projects their own view on to past events. Jane Smiley argued that historical fiction and non-fiction are both constructs of

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Steel in the Morning is available in Paperback

Steel in the Morning, my collection of reprinted short stories, is now available in paperback. It’s the same as the version I released on Kindle a couple of years ago, plus Foreclosure which was yet to be published at the

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Invitation to Ypres

They sent me an invitation to the party, but I didn’t want to go. It was bound to be a bore, and getting there was no fun at all. Hours in cattle trucks and full day’s stroll down Belgian roads

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An Infirmity of Ideas

Martha’s father didn’t know the chimney channelled the low rumble of his voice into her bedroom. “I must insist on your absolute discretion, doctor,” he was saying. “I understand, I understand.” The doctor’s voice was thinner, conditioned by years of

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A Rotten Tooth

My tooth hurts, but I’m not going to be the first to step forward. I want to see if he knows what he’s doing first. If Vrouw van Rhyn wants to push her boy to the front, I’m not going

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Fiction Review: Time and Time Again by Ben Elton

On 28th June 1914, Driver Leopold Lojka took a wrong turn in Sarajevo. One of his passengers, the Governor of Bosnia, told him of his mistake. Lojka stopped, intending to reverse back on to his planned route. It was his

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The Toothpuller

I want money. Why else would I live a vagrant’s life on the roads of Holland, seeking mouths to stick my fingers in? Oh I might say I do it to deliver people from their pain, but you’ve poured a

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