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Greater Minds: Richard Feynman on the value of doubt

Richard Feynman’s essay, The Value of Science, described a philosophy of ignorance. The scientific mindset is excited by ignorance as an opportunity for discovery. The opposing demagogic mindset denies the existence of ignorance and claims certainty. We all use the

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“Why on earth not?” Jenna asked me. I love that question. I drained my Starbucks latte so I could give the subject my full attention. “Vaccines are dangerous. When I have kids, I’m not letting that needle near them. Just

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Arguing with antivaxers on the Huffington Post

I wanted to understand antivaxer arguments, so I debated them on the Huffington Post. They repeatedly made assertions linked to articles that didn’t support them. When I challenged their assertions, they did not engage with discussion on them. Quackery and

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Measles vaccination saves even more lives than anyone thought

A few weeks ago, I flew into one of my rages at pseudoscientific misinformation and listed the many reasons to ignore the scaremongers and vaccinate children against measles. A study published a couple of weeks ago showed the benefits of

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Measles on the March

Measles kills 400 people every day, and has returned to countries where it had been eradicated. The MMR vaccine is a safe and effective way of protecting children from measles. Studies in countries where MMR was discontinued prove there is

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