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Sick Society

Don’t hide your tickets. We need to see them at all times. Don’t bother checking your pockets. You’re not taking the sort of trip you get on by showing a piece of card or waving a magnetic strip. This is

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Talking about Books

There is nothing more chilling than the silence that falls when you think you’ve just said something clever. Only the other day, I met this girl in the pub. We got chatting and I thought she liked me. I was

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Haute Couture

Sarah’s reflection in the mirror would have been perfect until Ralph’s frowning face appeared over her bare shoulder. The ends of his moustache drooped with a look of dismay. “This dress is perfect,” she said. “What are you looking so

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The 390 to the North

The day began so well that I should have known the man upstairs had his clown suit on. I caught the 390 bus to Tufnell Park, where my friends would be waiting. Saturday afternoon in the pub and Chelsea in

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Nose for a Wrong ‘Un

Seeing is believing. I’ll not let you or anyone else tell me otherwise. I knew he was a wrong ‘un the moment he came into the shop, which is why I had my beady eye on him in the first

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Not in Service

When a tube train has the words NOT IN SERVICE on the front, you’re not supposed to get on it. That’s why I got on it. Come on, it stopped and opened its doors right in front of me. They

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Return of the Voice

Should I say something? Anything in particular you’d like to hear? You want to hear about my radical student days, back in the nineties? Yeah, I know, I was two decades late. Sitting around gabbing about how the fascist regime

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Inhale, Exhale

You inhale and you exhale. A breath in and a breath out. Listen to the rhythm of your life. You first inhaled in the same moment that you first had air to breathe. No one told you how to do

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The Magnet’s Pupils

I swear, we only wanted a coffee until Phil set eyes on the barista. He walked into the place, took one look at her, then grabbed Andy and I and bundled us outside. “What d’you think?” “Huh?” Andy wasn’t the

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The Scent of Sea and Nectar

It came back to me last week, when I was wheeling my chair between crocuses and daffodils. They’re hardly unusual flowers. They come out every spring. This spring, I happened to be visiting our grandchildren and I could hear waves

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