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Lessons from the agents 3: Acceptance and beyond

An agent’s role is to sell a novel to a publisher. Expect to be edited by both the agent and the publisher. The first payment is an advance, followed by royalties if the advance is earned out. If it does

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Lessons from the agents 2: The submission package

The cover letter should introduce you and the novel in one page. The first three chapters really means about 50 pages, and that’s the main selling point. The synopsis should be one double line-spaced page. The agent will read the

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Lessons from the Agents 1: Don’t mess it up

Thirty writers met two agents and learned a great deal. A submission package consists of a cover letter, a synopsis and the first three chapters. A large number of people make basic errors with the cover letter. The agent is

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Is the path to a novel littered with short stories?

If you want to write a novel, is it best to develop craft through short stories or jump straight into writing the novel? Short stories build craft through a short cycle of writing and feedback, building skills that can be

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