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Inspirations: Riding the bomb to Saturn

The nuclear pulse drive would power a spacecraft with a series of nuclear explosions. Project Orion, led by Freeman Dyson, planned a four-year round trip to the moons of Saturn. After Orion was abandoned, pulse drive has led to several

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Special Relativity

I’m trying to learn how I journey in the world, and how the world journeys in the universe. I always understood the where. It’s the how I’m trying to get my thick head around. When all I knew was Newton’s

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Greater Minds: Stephen Hawking on black holes

Stephen Hawking gave this year’s Reith Lectures on the subject of black holes. Hawking combined quantum mechanics and relativity to show black holes emit ‘Hawking radiation’. Hawking radiation shows that unpredictability is inherent to the structure of the universe. Hawking

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