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Correlation for the Minister

Piers was on his way to the minister’s office when Margaret stopped him. “You’re looking very pleased with yourself”, she said. “Am I?” Piers hoped he’d get over feeling intimidated by Margaret when he’d been in Whitehall a little longer

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Conflict Resolution with Tea

The sound of the television hit Janice as soon as she opened the front door. Nothing unusual about that. Nor was it unusual to find Ron and Quintin on opposite ends of the sofa, staring at the screen. What was

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Aren’t You Boris Johnson?

Graham brought the drinks from the bar to find Lloyd staring across the room. “Don’t tell me, another hot blonde,” said Graham. Lloyd didn’t smile but lifted his chin slightly, indicating a man staring into his beer at a corner

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Psychoactive Substances

It took the chair five minutes to get from “good afternoon” to finishing his explanation of why they were sitting round the table, by which time Karim was already conscious of his eyelids drooping. “Let me get this straight,” said

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