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That One Story by Vanessa Fogg

‘Every writer has That One Story,’ says Vanessa Fogg. Me too, I thought. The difference is that she’s brave enough to be honest about what happened next. I’d recommend her post to anyone who has ever felt a rejection as

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Recommended blog: Cat Hellisen on rejection

Following her earlier post on submitting stories, Cat Hellisen has followed up with a post on the usual outcome of submitting: rejection. It’s a rare author who gets published without collecting a lot of rejections on the way, so it’s

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Recommended blog: Cat Hellisen on submission

For anyone interested in getting short fiction into the science fiction, fantasy and horror markets, it’s worth a look at what Cat Hellisen has just said about it on her blog. I can’t reblog it so I’ll have to make

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Greater Minds: Ursula K Le Guin on imagination and freedom for the writer

‘…Writers of the imagination…have watched the beautiful rewards go to the so-called realists.’ ‘…We’ll be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now…and even imagine real grounds for hope.’ ‘…We need writers who know

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