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Tools for SF Worldbuilding – a 3D simulation of the Solar System’s neighbourhood

Everybody who has dealt with worldbuilding in SF that involves star systems beyond ours knows what I’m talking about – a lot of resources out there only work with a 2D representation of the cosmos, not a 3D, creating a…Read

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Fractal tension over the red line

Today’s pontification, Fractal Tension, is posted as a guest blog at The Red Line. It’s well worth a look around The Red Line, home of short stories from around the world. Many thanks to the Red Line crew for the

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Setting 2: Invented places

You need to know more about the setting than you will use in the story. It’s harder to invent a setting than to research a historical setting. A map of the setting keeps it consistent. Using places I’ve been is

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Setting 1: Real places

Plausible settings help readers suspend their disbelief. Choose a setting that is distinctive and illustrates the theme of the story. Describe the setting through a few details. Collect places where a story can be set and consider which details to

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The Story Tripod: Ideas to Framework

The first step is the hardest. Every writer I know is buzzing with ideas. Even the ones that haven’t written anything yet. Of all the writing difficulties I’ve ever heard aired, I don’t think ‘I haven’t got any ideas’ once.

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