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Greater Minds: George RR Martin interviews Stephen King

George RR Martin interviewed Stephen King in Albuquerque. Their early influences, particularly HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. Stephen King submitted his first story at 12 and got his first acceptance at 19. They both believe that true evil is

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Greater Minds: Stephen King’s opening sentences

The first sentence turns a potential reader into a concentrating reader. Stephen King’s first sentences hook the reader with tension and introduce his voice. If the first sentence doesn’t do its job, later sentences won’t be read. King says, ‘to

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Integrate the characters with the chronology

We have the elements of the story. We know who the characters are and what is going to happen. The next step is to integrate the two. This needs yet another version if the chronology. It will differ from the

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Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo

Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo is now available in the Qualia Nous collection of science fiction horror stories. I’ve never thought of myself as much of a horror writer, so it’s a heady experience to be in an author lineup

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