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Inspirations: Are We Facing the Great Filter?

The Fermi Paradox asks why we appear to be the only technological species in a galaxy of hundreds of billions of stars. Robin Hanson proposed a ‘great filter’ that prevents life from developing further than we have. If it involves

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Book review: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

I reviewed Jon Ronson’s exploration of Twitter tyranny, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, on Goodreads before I started reposting book reviews here as well. I’ve just found Ronson’s TED talk on the playground politics of social media, which should be

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Inspirations: Lies and how to spot them

Deception is an essential part of social interaction. People are detect lies better when they cannot see body language. Understanding what gives away a lie may help people to lie better. Fictional characters are more realistic when they are as

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Greater Minds: Amy Tan asks where does creativity hide?

How does an idea come into existence? Does creativity spring from an inability to repress associations? Can we glean ideas from a constant flow of information? We simultaneously hate and are fascinated by moral ambiguity. Amy Tan’s first novel, The

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Inspirations: Your body language shapes who you are

The nature of an interaction can be gleaned from the body language alone. Describing a character’s pose can define their personality. Practicing a confident pose in private can increase confidence. What happens when someone is forced into a position that

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Greater Minds: Elizabeth Gilbert on the Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert is best known for Eat Pray Love  which, I’ll admit, I haven’t read. Successful as it is, it just doesn’t look like my kind of book and there’s more of my kind of books around than I’ll ever

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