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Greater minds: John Joseph Adams on the art of short fiction titling

Prolific editor John Joseph Adams wrote his thoughts on what makes a good title. Short stories need longer titles than novels, as they stand without cover art. The best titles hook attention with tension. Other approaches are to use slang

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Recommended Article: Ursula K Le Guin navigates the ocean of story

Ursula K Le Guin recently compiled various peoples’ thoughts on criticism and critiquing at the Book View Cafe. I’ll put the link here as it’s not a platform I can reblog directly. The main thing that comes out of it

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Greater Minds: Margaret Atwood predicts the Everything Change

Margaret Atwood was interviewed for the Center for the Science and Imagination. The author of the Maddaddam trilogy speculates on climate change and the future. The dispute about whether what she writes is science fiction or not persists. She regards

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Greater Minds: Ursula K Le Guin on imagination and freedom for the writer

‘…Writers of the imagination…have watched the beautiful rewards go to the so-called realists.’ ‘…We’ll be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now…and even imagine real grounds for hope.’ ‘…We need writers who know

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