Author notes: The Redeemed

The RedeemedTaken from when I wrote the first draft, this is the oldest story I allow to show its face in public. I wrote most of it in a gatehouse in the Isle of Wight, guarding a gate that nobody had any interest in going through. The first draft was so awful it was worse than I was capable of understanding at the time. Several rounds of critiquing and rewriting not only improved the story but pushed me up a very steep learning curve. In a way, this story was an apprenticeship for me.

Reading it now, it still seems rough around the edges and suffused with the hysteria that I used to mistake for pathos. For all that, I decided the final version deserves a little more exposure and included it in this collection.


The Redeemed was published in Aoife’s Kiss, Dec 2006, which is now unavailable. It is now available as part of the Steel in the Morning collection, and as a standalone Kindle edition.



Cover by Manda Benson, incorporating a photograph by Jan Erik Paulsen.

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