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Coldwater Cottage – 1: The Surface

Welcome to the promised new serialisation from the Eclectics, which will post at the same time every Monday for the next few weeks. I have fond memories of outlining Coldwater Cottage in a bar in Dahab, in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula,

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The Casual Conjurings of Perchance to Dream

What would happen if a Second World War Spitfire pilot found himself in the ancient Greek underworld? That was the starting point for Perchance to Dream, which became my first published short story. That was longer ago than I care

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I open the shutters and let the night in. Night knows me. Night is my friend. The night hides me and for the few hours we live in its hemisphere, the night allows me to be me. I open the

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Fiction Review: The Lilies of Dawn by Vanessa Fogg

I’ll start by saying that Vanessa Fogg and have been critique partners for a while now. I first met her through her story, The Wave, which impressed me deeply while leaving me with very little to critique. I’ve learned to

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Greater Minds: George RR Martin interviews Stephen King

George RR Martin interviewed Stephen King in Albuquerque. Their early influences, particularly HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. Stephen King submitted his first story at 12 and got his first acceptance at 19. They both believe that true evil is

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Steel in the Morning is available in Paperback

Steel in the Morning, my collection of reprinted short stories, is now available in paperback. It’s the same as the version I released on Kindle a couple of years ago, plus Foreclosure which was yet to be published at the

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Circle in the Snow

It took me a few moments to notice the pattern. At first, it just looked like a line in the snow between me and the dead tree I was walking past. If I hadn’t noticed another line running toward the

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Greater Minds: HP Lovecraft on Weird Fiction

Lovecraft wrote his history of supernatural horror at the same time as he was writing The Call of Cthulhu. He revealed his thinking at the time he was writing the seminal work of science fiction horror. Lovecraft acknowledged Poe as

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How I write: Fantasy

Fantasy has many subgenres, the commonest being epic and urban. Fantasy tropes can be deconstructed and subverted while retaining the power that made them tropes. The reader of a fantasy story will assume anything is possible unless shown it isn’t.

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Last chance to get The Redeemed for free

The Redeemed giveaway ends 24h from now, after which it will go up to the unholy price of 99c or equivalent. Until then, The Redeemed is available from the following Kindle stores: The Redeemed is part of the Steel in

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