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Fiction Review: Bosman at his Best by Herman Charles Bosman

My mission to become better read in short fiction continues with the recommendation of a friend: Bosman at his Best is a collection of the works of Herman Charles Bosman. I hadn’t heard of him until my friend mentioned him,

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Under the Hooked Cross – 4: Orientation

Previous instalments: 1 2 3 MacFadyen darted around the hydroponics pod with an agility that made Silversmith dizzy. It took a conscious effort not watch him. Any sudden head movements set his inner ear spinning. “It’ll take you a few

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Midnight Deed

It was midnight when I decided what had to be done. It wasn’t a daytime decision. The day is the time for forbearance and forgiveness and all those things we do in case someone is watching. The night sets us

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Greater Minds: Anthony Horowitz on writing Sherlock Holmes

Anthony Horowitz was commissioned to write a Sherlock Holmes novel. His afterword described the process of planning a mystery novel. He starts with who murders whom and why, and works outward from there. He developed ten rules to be faithful

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Under the Hooked Cross – 3: Dancing Penguin

Previous instalments: 1 2 Silversmith’s glass stopped half way to his lips. “Argus doesn’t stop with the British government, then.” “No.” “Nothing wrong with ambition. Why Argus? Wasn’t he some Greek fella?” “Servant of Zeus, with a hundred eyes that

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Flight of the Silkworm

Flight of the Silkworm is airborne at Solstice Publishing! This is my first novella and my longest published piece to date. It was also one of the most fun to write. It’s the story of Persia, a centurion of an

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Etiquette on the Circle Line

My first thought was that he was talking to someone else. If someone’s talking aloud on the tube, it’s more likely to be on a phone than to the person sitting next to them. But he was looking at me,

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Inspirations: To sail upon a star

Project Breakthrough Starshot plans to send probes to Proxima Centauri powered by lightsails. The lightsail was conceived decades ago, but the IKAROS probe is the only spacecraft to use it. IKAROS is powered by the sun, but Breakthrough Starshot will

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Under the Hooked Cross – 2: Argus

Previous instalments: 1 “Thirty seconds to booster separation.” Silversmith was more alone than he’d been for months. He could bellow, “The Führer is a Jewish comedian!” into his throat mike and everyone would assume they had misheard. As good a

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Greenland Shark

A peristaltic spasm threw her from a cold place to a colder place. The change in the cold registered less than the disappearance of the electrical impulses around her snout. She had no name for what she was detecting or

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