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Happy New Year

And with that, the Eclectics is taking a seasonal break. Here’s wishing you as happy a holiday as Jacob, however you choose to celebrate it, and see you in January.

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Angels over Jacob

Jacob loved the night before Christmas. It called him to Regent Street every year with a promise it never failed to deliver on. He started his evening with a double cream macchiato in Starbucks. He found a table to himself

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Line Management

The HR director pulled out a CV. “It has to be this one,” she said. “She ticks all the boxes.” “There are plenty of others with the same qualifications,” I said. “How about…” “I agree, said the department head to

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The Cheltenham Gambit

Carrie hated conferences. She could just about cope with dozing through presentations, but she dreaded the evening socials. Looking cheerful while surrounded by strangers had never been in her job description. She could stand in a corner with a glass

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