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Greater minds: Lauren Beukes on writing the other

Lauren Beukes wrote an article on writing diverse characters. She described the reading and conversation she used to research Zoo City. To write a character from a different culture or subculture, we need to vicariously experience it. It would be

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Beside the Dammed River Returns

Beside the Dammed River is by far my most successful story to date, and today sees it released for the third time. Today is also the first time I’ve had a story in the Year’s Best Science Fiction anthology so

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Beside the Dammed River’s new adventure

A few months ago, I was deeply honoured when Gardner Dozois included Beside the Dammed River in his annual Year’s Best Science Fiction anthology, which will be published in July. I just found out that the table of contents was

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Beside the Dammed River in Italian

Beside the Dammed River has been translated into Nei Pressi del Fiume Prosciugato dalla Diga! Alberto Panicucci of RiLL recently translated it into Italian and published in La Maledizione (the curse) anthology, along with a selection of other winners of

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Review Brag: Beside the Dammed River

The advice to not look at your reviews is excellent, but very difficult to follow with an ego as fragile as mine. Hence I ran across myself in Lois Tilton’s review of 2014 for Locus magazine, and feel the need

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Beside the Dammed River

  A new story, Beside the Dammed River, has just been published in the latest Interzone. This one circumnavigated my usual long-winded development process, going from concept to first draft in 24 hours, and went on to win the 2014

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