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Inspirations: The first modern conspiracy theory

 The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were forged by the Tsar’s secret police to discredit his opponents. They purport to describe a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world, but were actually plagiarised from a satirical pamphlet. The Protocols have

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Monday Motivation: Doubt is a writer’s best friend

Originally posted on Allaboutwriting:
Doubt sits at the right hand of all writers. We spend a day at work, struggling with the challenge of translating our ideas into words on the page; struggling, too, with the perhaps more difficult task…

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Easter Bunnies

“Soon it will be Easter and there will be bunnies.” Annabelle’s excitement didn’t move Thomas. “I’m nine,” he said. “I’m too old for Easter bunnies.” “I’m sure your mother will be delighted to hear it,” said Uncle Harold. “It will

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Fiction Review: Time and Time Again by Ben Elton

On 28th June 1914, Driver Leopold Lojka took a wrong turn in Sarajevo. One of his passengers, the Governor of Bosnia, told him of his mistake. Lojka stopped, intending to reverse back on to his planned route. It was his

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Feed the Dog

How was I to know you let your dog go through the rubbish bins? If you fed him properly, he’d stay at home like a happy dog instead of rummaging around in there and getting off his face on my

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Greater Minds: Elizabeth Pisani on rational stupidity and AIDS

Elizabeth Pisani is an HIV epidemiologist and author of The Wisdom of Whores. Her studies show us how decisions that may appear stupid were arrived at rationally. She has explored the decision making processes of drug addicts and politicians alike.

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Don’t Groan

Don’t groan. It’s only a couple hours after work. Most of you spend that long on your commute, don’t you? You want taxis? No, you’ll still have to make your own way home. OK, forget I mentioned the commute. We

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Greater Minds: Ray Bradbury on burning books

Ray Bradbury combined five short stories into Fahrenheit 451. The theme of censorship resonated at a time when the House Un-American Activities Committee was active. Fahrenheit 451 advocates for complexity as much as against censorship. In later editions, editing for

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Longing Eyes

When I’m here with you, I can see you’re not really with me. Not that I say anything. I just watch your gaze drift away to…who is it that you’re looking at with those longing eyes? A younger man? A

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Should we fear the weekend effect?

The British health secretary wants to impose new working conditions on doctors. He says we’re more likely to die if we’re admitted to hospital over the weekend than during the week. The ‘weekend effect’ has been shown, but weekday and

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