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Building a Chronology

By now, we know roughly who and what the story is going to be about, and where it’s going to take place. Now we need to work out who is going to do what, and in what order. It’s important

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The Cliché Detector

Now we have a basic framework for the story, standing on the three legs of the story tripod. Before going any further, we need to engage the cliché detector. This is a piece of mental equipment that’s extremely valuable to

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The Story Tripod: Ideas to Framework

The first step is the hardest. Every writer I know is buzzing with ideas. Even the ones that haven’t written anything yet. Of all the writing difficulties I’ve ever heard aired, I don’t think ‘I haven’t got any ideas’ once.

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On Short Story Development

People keep asking me how I develop a story. Recently, I’ve listened to myself droning on the subject often enough that I feel the need to post a few things here. That’s what writers do with their thoughts, after all. If

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The news is slightly belated, but Spookmoth was published in the inaugural issue of Wicked Words Quarterly  back in June. Many thanks to the editor, Stephen Baird, and here’s hoping that issue marks the birth of a venerable publication. There’s a

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