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Bertha’s Handbag

“You can have the chocolate when we get home, Sam,” said Bertha. “You promised to be good and I promised you the chocolate if you were. But until we get home, I can’t tell if you were good the whole

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The Magnet’s Pupils

I swear, we only wanted a coffee until Phil set eyes on the barista. He walked into the place, took one look at her, then grabbed Andy and I and bundled us outside. “What d’you think?” “Huh?” Andy wasn’t the

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The Casual Conjurings of Perchance to Dream

What would happen if a Second World War Spitfire pilot found himself in the ancient Greek underworld? That was the starting point for Perchance to Dream, which became my first published short story. That was longer ago than I care

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A Childhood Memory

Sometimes, my friend, you think you want to know about a person but when you do, you wish you didn’t. So I’ll tell you what you think you want to know, but don’t blame me if you end up wishing

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Martha’s Beginnings

Martha’s fingers brushed Malcolm’s as he handed her the glass of wine. He dared to hope she’d done it deliberately. “I love beginnings,” said Martha. “I love the feeling that I’m standing at a point in my life where anything

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Fiction Review: Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard

When Elmore Leonard wrote his ten rules of writing, he opened with: Never open a book with weather. Yet eleven years earlier, he had opened one of his better-known novels with: When Chili first came to Miami Beach twelve years

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Walking Home

It’s good to be walking home. Good to feel the crush of snow beneath my feet and the muscular burn of movement beneath a jacket that, I must admit, is a little thin for February.   It feels almost as

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Nothing is Sacred

“Nothing is sacred,” said the vicar. Carys squinted at him. “That’s not what I expected you to say. It’s not very helpful either. I came to you for some spiritual guidance or something.” The vicar spread his hands. “It is

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The Tricks

The evening didn’t turn out as planned. I’d polished my shoes and had my best suit dry cleaned. I splurged on a minicab so I wouldn’t meet her with a lump of chewing gum stuck to the seat of my

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“My dear Senator, you look most red in the face. Have you come far?” “From the city, Speaker.” “At some speed, I see. Pray take a moment to catch your breath and then tell me why. I hope you were

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