Solstice Onions


r. nial bradshaw (CC / Flickr)

Red onions, boiling potatoes, milk and a soul. Could that be right? Caroline went back over the cipher and couldn’t find a mistake.

Where on earth was she going to find red onions in the half hour before midnight? She remembered the all night Tesco, but she’d be pushing it to get there and back in time. Well, if she didn’t make it she’d lose nothing. She lit the stove to get the potatoes boiling, checked she had milk in the fridge and dashed for her car. She’d probably get a ticket or two from the cameras on the ring road, but it was better than waiting for the next solstice.

Just as well she’d already taken care of the soul. She hadn’t needed to break the cipher to know she’d need one. You always needed a soul.


Blythe Kouklas (CC / Flickr)

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